Chenoweth Virtual

Chenoweth Virtual supplies rendered views for events, planning, stage and screen pre-visualization and for analysis of scene reconstruction - with models constructed from scene capture, accurate measurements and photogrammetry tools, custom renders can be provided to spec.

Our approach is immersive; scout the location, measure and photo all relevant areas, combine the dataset with existing building plans and coordinate with event planners, video crews and producers to establish footprints, photography sight-lines and views, and place lighting. We provide all output requested, and iterate changes until final approval.

In addition, custom object models created specifically for the props and technical equipment used for the event can give a polish to the renderings, truly depicting where the stage and the technical equipment will be, and what the audience experience will look like.

Animation of scenes, including pre-visualized actors and props, can assist in pre-production and rehearsal of events, and also to give tech crews a way of orienting themselves to the venue.